Sustainable tourism! | Gateway to East

Sustainable tourism!

Elephant herds of Minneriya, gather along the waterbodies at given times that gives a beautiful scenery for nature lovers.

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A place where the first ray of sun kisses the earth! | Gateway to East

A place where the first ray of sun kisses the earth!

Eastern coast has the most beautiful beaches that are uniquely famous to spotting the magical sun rise in Sri Lanka.

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Astonishing architecture! | Gateway to East

Astonishing architecture!

Ruins of Polonnaruwa has the most exciting reflection of science, engineering and lifestyle of premodern Sri Lanka.

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Green heaven! | Gateway to East

Green heaven!

Eastern province has a long stretch of green paddy fields and some of them are located on both sides of roads giving a refreshing feeling to travelers.

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Water and Green! | Gateway to East

Water and Green!

Eastern province has the most beautiful water bodies that has green outskirts in Sri Lanka.

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Elephant rock! | Gateway to East

Elephant rock!

Eastern province has the most beautiful seaside rocks to be presented.

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Majestic stupas! | Gateway to East

Majestic stupas!

Stupas, also known as Dagaba or Chaithya, are known to be the largest brick structures of pre modern Sri Lanka!

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Ancient hospitality | Gateway to East

Ancient hospitality

Sri Lankan ancestors have been very peculiar in welcoming which was reflected even on the architecture. Sandakada pahana or the moonstones at the entrances of ancient buildings is an example for that.

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Amazing building structures! | Gateway to East

Amazing building structures!

Circular relic houses are a significant aspect of ancient Sri Lankan architectural technologies

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Built with perfection! | Gateway to East

Built with perfection!

Construction engineers of pre-historic Sri Lanka are surprisingly awesome with their talent in clean finishing!

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Ancient architecture! | Gateway to East

Ancient architecture!

Sri Lankan ancestors have been very much talented to create amazing architecture that is eco friendly too!

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